The official launch of the Chancellor for the Coordination of Chalk and Salt Industry

The ceremony was attended by supervisors Commercial Office of the Department of Science and Technology presidential representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Deputy Director of Human Resources, Director General of Social Affairs council Semnan governorship Director General of Education and Research Semnan governorship, CEO of Industrial Estates Province Semnan, the head of the Industrial and Industrial Organization of the province, the director general of the cooperative, the work and social affairs of the province, the head of the Science and Technology Park of Semnan University, the head of Semnan University of Science and Technology Park, the professors of the University and professors of the gypsum and mineral industry of Semnan and semnan in the Knowledge Hall of the Faculty Science Human University of Semnan.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Hermesi, Vice-Chancellor of Research at the University of Semnan and the Head of the Department of Knowledge and Industries of the Islamic Republic of Iran, presented the valuable approaches of the Vice President of Science and Technology in establishing the link and relationship between the university and the university and society. The purpose of the establishment of the coordination centers of science and industry was in addition to collecting the necessary information. Ten effective Vzy starring these two industry stakeholders across the country. Following the ceremony, Dr. Ali Kheiraddin, the head of the University of Semnan, the head of the University of Science and Technology Coordinator, expressed the role and place of the universities in the new era. The change in the functioning of universities from central education to core research and work creation has been a turning point in higher education and the establishment of a focal point for knowledge and plaster industry. In this regard, he considered the country at the University of Semnan.

President of the Coordination Center of Science and Technology, gypsum and salt in continuing to offer some of the indicators in the gypsum industry and salt Country reminded that more than 80% of gypsum and 6% of gypsum born in Semnan produced from employment by 1377 informed. Mr. Qasemi, the head of the Office of Commercialization of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency, emphasized the approach of the deputy to the comprehensive development of the relationship between knowledge and industry. The role of the coordination centers of knowledge and industry can be considered from this waiting and the empathy and harmony between institutions and organizations and actors.
Mr. Ghasemi has considered the three main features of the coordination centers of the country’s knowledge and industry as comprehensive, deep-seated and flexible, and thanks to Dr. Khairiddin’s efforts to develop the center of Venice. Mr. Adab, the managing director of the industrial towns of Semnan province, appreciates the development of the industrial clay industrial gypsum of Semnan. Made

Mr. Ghasemi, while explaining some of the support of this office and the scientific and technology department of the presidency, mentioned the province of Semnan as a province which has two branches of science and technology, and it is considered as the most active province of the country in the field of technology, and supports the province with such provinces as Esfahan, Tehran And Khorasan are comparable.
At the end of this ceremony, the members of the Chancellor’s Office for the coordination of knowledge and industry in the country and in the country were notified.

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