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The gypsum mines of Semnan city are one of the richest and cleanest gypsum mines in the past. As a result, the demand for quality gypsum has been rising ever since, and hand-made and traditional furnaces at that time were constructed and manufactured to industrial and industrial gypsum. Gypsum Momenabad, Semnan, was initially produced in this way and in 1364 it was constructed and exploited by Hajj Reza Damghanyan and the late Haj Hassan Rahbar and other partners of Golan Momenabad Semnan Co.

The company has been able to produce high-quality, high-quality ore using high quality technical knowledge and labs. It should be noted that in 2007, during the company’s efforts to improve the quality and standard of gypsum production, it has obtained the ISO 9001, 2000 license from the UK for quality management.

Now the company is engaged in the production of whitewash, industrial and micro-lacquer plaster, and has put plaster production for domestic and export to the countries of the region and Europe on its agenda.

Company honors:

  • The sample unit of the year in implementing the management plan and optimizing energy consumption from the province’s electricity distribution company in 1394

Momen Abad Semnan Gypsum Plaster Company is a leading company in the production of plaster in Semnan province. This company pays special attention to the development of product quality and quantity and it is committed to protect the environment, prevent pollution, comply with occupational health, prevent injuries and diseases, optimize energy consumption and to constantly improve its performance. Hence, with the help of God almighty and relying on the efforts and endeavors of staff, this company declares its policies to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and to meet the expectations and needs of its stakeholder employees, contractors and other interested parties by implementation of management systems based on the following standards:

ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001:2004 , OHSAS 18001:2007 , ISO 50001:2011

Company policies include:

  • Improving the quality of products in accordance with international standards
  • Development of company and offering new products at international levels
  • Increasing exports and introduction of products into foreign markets
  • Increasing the efficiency of existing resources and reducing costs to control the final prices
  • Predicting future resource and technology needs and preparing necessary infrastructures
  • Identification, evaluation and continuous improvement of environmental aspects and reducing work-related risks and dangers
  • Identification of major aspects of energy, supporting the implementation of efficient projects and purchasing effective products and services to improve energy consumption
  • Respecting and valuing human resource and believing in the need for employee participation to achieve organizational objectives
  • Compliance with all laws and legal requirements and implementing relevant regulations


Momenabad Gypsum Company in Semnan, having one of the finest gypsum mines in Semnan Province, has started its production of high quality industrial and construction gypsum since 1989.

Phone Sales Unit: 33603446- 023

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