Changes in prices for Semnan gypsum

Clients of major gypsum purchases are constantly following the latest news about the possibility of a change in prices for gypsum in Semnan. Will the rate increase by the end of the year?
Every year, due to rising raw material prices, energy costs and other production costs are associated with rising prices. The price of some strategic goods is subject to political conditions and is up and down according to the events and events of the world.
The gypsum industry has also been rising year after year. Gypsum prices are rising due to an increase in gypsum prices, shipping costs, production costs, machinery maintenance and labor costs. Perhaps, in comparison with many building materials, the increase in the rate of this product is negligible and will occur once a year.
Usually the new price of gypsum, announced a few days after the start of the new year, remains fixed by the end of the year. It should be noted that the proposed rate is the price of delivery of this product at the factory and the shipping fee is also added to this price.

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