Momen Abad Semnan Gypsum Factory

Gypsum mining city of Semnan in the past among the richest and most pure gypsum mines in the country. That is why the demand for ever-increasing quality of production of gypsum And crafts and traditional ovens at the time of construction and production of construction and industrial gypsum paid Momen Abad Semnan Gypsum is also engaged in the production in this way In 1364 by the Haj Reza Damghanian and Haj Hassan Momen Abad Semnan Gypsum Company leaders and other partners to construct and bring into operation

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Momenabad Gypsum Company in Semnan, having one of the finest gypsum mines in Semnan Province, has started its production of high quality industrial and construction gypsum since 1989.

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momen abad semnan

used for undercoating purposes

History of plaster in the country

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